From faculty and students to CEOs seeking to optimize team performance, to healthcare institutions focused on latest trends in behavioral health, my research-based message of moving beyond healing to whole-hearted living resonates with all. In my engagements, I share my expertise, passion, and actionable tools to help audiences find more joy and transform their professional and personal lives.



Mindfulness, Motivation, and Mental Wellness

For Teens, Middle Schoolers, Schools, and Parents

Teens are reporting being more stressed than at any time in history. This panel includes leading-edge clinicians who provide students and faculty psychoeducation on a range of mental health topics tailored to the student body's needs. The program offers actionable, evidence-based skills and tools to increase mental wellness for both students and faculty, Q&A, and additional resources. 

Unlock Your Happiness Power

For Corporate Leadership, Parents, Schools, and Wellness Practitioners

What is keeping you stuck in a cycle of unhappiness? 

This workshop provides evidence-based science and real-time tools to help you get unstuck from the unhappiness loop. It includes therapeutic skills to help identify participants' barriers, an experiential component, and handouts for future self-exploration. Our happiness is not just genetics; there is a lot we can do about it.

The Power of Your Heart - Your Brain is Not the Only Part of You that Thinks

For Corporate Leadership, Schools, and Wellness Practitioners

We have 60 thousand thoughts every day, and 80 percent are negative, and 95 percent are repetitive. Do you want to escape the negative thoughts cycle?


This workshop teaches people how to get out of their heads and into their hearts by learning leading-edge, evidence-based scientific techniques to get you to start to think about the power of your heart differently. The goal of this workshop is to help participants to learn to calm their racing minds. 


Handouts are provided, and the program includes an experiential component with a HeartMath trainer.

Taking the Trauma Out of Trauma

For Schools, Parents, Students, and Wellness Practitioners

We all go through trauma in our lives, but it doesn't have to define us, and its impact can be prevented.


This workshop helps people understand trauma from a psychological and physiological perspective, normalizing what is happening in the body and mind. This workshop aims to help the participants better understand the impact of trauma and learn real-time tools to help calm the body, promote healing, and prevent the effects of trauma in the future. The experiential component uses trauma-informed evidence-based therapeutic techniques. 

Handouts will be included.

Launching Your Teens: Is It Too Late? 




For Parents and Schools

As parents, we often worry we are doing enough to help our teens on their journey to adulthood. This workshop offers parents psychoeducation about teens' development and includes strategies and evidence-based therapeutic skills to help parents identify the barriers to adulting and increase parents' confidence, as well as a Q&A component. 

Eating Disorders

& Short-Term

Trauma-Informed Interventions for Clinicians 


For Mental Health and Healthcare Practitioners

Referrals to residential and hospital settings are common for patients with eating disorders and trauma. This workshop helps clinicians gain confidence working with patients with eating disorders and trauma and their families. Participants will learn how to screen for eating disorders, provide psychoeducation, provide nutritional health and psychoeducation around preventive care, understand the barriers to change, set healthy boundaries, and gain evidence-based tools and skills to be able to provide short-term counseling.

Building Team Performance Through Resilience Training 



For Corporate Leadership

Corporations and brands are learning that one key to higher employee performance is mental health and wellness. This workshop is tailored to the individual needs of the organization. All workshops include leading-edge clinicians and an experiential component to increase your team's mental wellness, build strong team cohesiveness, and expand leadership skills.



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Susan was a fantastic speaker for our audience of mental health professionals because she first spent time getting to know the needs and level of the participants so that she could tailor her presentation perfectly.

Mimi Lind
Former Director of Behavioral Health, Venice Family Clinic, UCLA Health

Susan is the ultimate collaborator; she can just as fluidly connect with adolescents and parents as she does with clinicians. Her breadth of psychological knowledge is only outmatched by her warm, calm demeanor.

Jaime MacDonald
Los Angeles independent school counselor

Susan’s energy and presence truly embody the message of the healing techniques she brings to her practice and teachings. Her wisdom is wrapped in a warmth and joy that empowers people to move beyond healing and into truly wholehearted living.

Dr. Kate Truitt
CEO of the 
Trauma Counseling Center and founder of Viva Excellence



Engagements can be built upon already created programs or I can design bespoke proposals to suit your needs. The first step is getting in touch!