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#1 Bestseller

Susan joins 19 other writers sharing stories of transformation. 

The Epiphanies Project

Published by Manifest Books.


A dream, a car crash, 9/11, a death in the family, a war, a breakup, a suicide, a visit to the doctor, a confession, a moment when things shifted and life trajectories changed — Each of the storytellers in The Epiphanies Project has minded a moment of transformation to bring you a unique story of an intimate, life-changing wake-up call. Explore profound life lessons through the incisive, intelligent, soulful and sometimes very funny lens of twenty outstanding writers who, in exposing their personal turning points, provide a mirror for our own experience and epiphanies.

These stories provide alternately powerful, tragic and sweet exposure to the pain and beauty of life. But they gave me something more: the long-overdue epiphany that a book about epiphanies is a brilliant idea.

—Anna David, New York Times Best Selling Author of 8 Books 

The Epiphanies Project is a stunning collection of deeply moving, and inspiring personal stories. It reflects the hard work of living through, working through, and beautifully relating some of the toughest struggles life has to offer. If you are seeking hope and strength, it's in these pages. 


-Lisa Smith, Award-Winning Author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar



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